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Security Information Management System

SIMS is the most cost-effective security information management system available. SIMS streamlines the control of classified documents, containers, contracts, personnel, visitors, locks & keys, and incidents. SIMS satisfies all administrative requirements of the NISPOM plus Special Access Programs.

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SIMS Document Control

Classified Document Control

SIMS provides complete management of classified documents, containers, closed areas, and information systems. Barcode inventories ensure accountable materials are properly stored. Track contract close outs, internal and external transfers, certificates of destruction, downgrades, declassification, loans, and incorporation.

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SIMS Cleared Personnel

Cleared Personnel

SIMS provides complete management of cleared personnel. Track multiple clearances (eligibility and access), special accesses, background investigations, document accountability, training, foreign travel, and employment information. JPAS integration keeps SIMS clearance information up to date.

SIMS Visitor Control

Visitor Control

SIMS provides complete management of incoming visitors, conferences and meetings, and outgoing visit requests. Track classified, unclassified, and international visit information. Generate e-mail alerts based on citizenship, visit frequency, and clearance level. Fax, print, and e-mail DoD and DoE outgoing visit requests.

SIMS Modules

Additional Modules

SIMS contains integrated modules covering all aspects of industrial security management. Track contracts, locks, keys, incidents, conferences, facilities, cognizant offices, containers, closed areas, classified information systems, and print DD254 and Program Access Request (PAR) forms.


SAP-FormsSIMS v7.11 includes a number of enhancements to the Personnel, Incidents and Containers modules. The Form 4311 and SAP Forms 6, 20 and 27 were added to the Personnel module. In addition, a Task List tab was added within the Special Access tab to track all tasks related to processing Special Accesses. To improve functionality and performance, the .NET Framework was upgraded to version 4.0.


EagleBadge2SIMS v7.10 introduces Phase II of the Lobby Management suite. Significant enhancements were made to the Visitors, Visit Authorizations and Conferences and Meetings modules. The enhancements include: New Visitors, Visit Authorizations and Conferences and meetings can be submitted through the new web pages without a SIMS license; Approvals by the new user role “Incoming Visit Request Administrators” can be required for submitted Visitors, Visit Authorizations and Conference and Meetings; E-mail notifications can be enabled to automatically send e-mails based on events in the visitor process from submission to check out.  A Visitor Control utility was added to configure the options for Lobby Management.


SIMS v7.9 introduces our first phase of compliance support for Conforming Change 1 to the NISPOM. Significant changes were made to the Documents module to include the addition of three new fields: (i) 'Classification Reason' populated by a List Management value, (ii) 'Classified By' populated by a personnel picklist. and (iii) a 'Declassify Event' text field. We also moved all of the 'Obsolete' Declassification Exemptions to the bottom of the Document Status tab. Additionally, the SIMS Special Accesses name field has been expanded to accommodate new dissemination controls such as ‘REL USA AND GBR TREATY COMMUNITY’.


SIMS v7.8 includes two major new features. The first is support for NISPOM and JAFAN self-inspections. Checklists can be customized, stored, and imported from or exported to Microsoft Excel so users can complete the forms without access to the SIMS program. Each question contains a hyperlink to the corresponding section in the source document that informs the user exactly what the question is asking, and displays all related ISLs that may impact that question. Click HERE for more information on self-inspections.

The second is support for the 3M AT9000 document scanner and AssureID verification software. This new feature allows guards to process an incoming visitor in a matter of seconds without using a keyboard. Your incoming visitor places one of 2,500 forms of identification on the scanner and within 2-3 seconds the document is authenticated and all approved visit records are automatically displayed to the guard.

SIMS v7.7 includes updated digital certificates, support for SQL Server 2012, and performance improvements on 64-bit operating systems. NOTE: ClickOnce users installing v7.6 and earlier on new workstations may receive an expired digital certificate warning after July 9th, 2012.


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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

SIMS has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for providing development, support, and training for software used in auditing critical assets of the US government, defense contractors, and emergency responders.


Upcoming Changes

Check back soon for a list of changes scheduled for SIMS v7.12.