Internal Transfer Receipt Return


The document internal transfer receipt return transaction confirms the receipt by a new custodian of the documents included in a prior internal.


If a user puts a value other than zero into the Inter Transfer suspense time period, on page #4 of System Customization utilities, then all internal document transfer transactions will fill in the document Receipt #, Suspense Date, and Dispatch Date. However, the Signed for Date will be left blank, until the Internal Transfer Receipt has been signed and returned.


Please note however, that if you donít want to use the internal document transfer receipt returned feature, you donít need to. In other words, if the internal document transfer suspense time period in days is blank (as identified in the System Customization utility) then internal document transfers are assumed to not require the receipt return feature.


Conversely, if any number of days are specified for the internal document transfer suspense time period, then the internal transfer receipt returned feature is enabled and the "signed for" date will initially be set to a blank date, and later will be updated with the date that the receipt is returned.


After selecting this transaction, the user enters the Receipt Number found on the returned internal transfer receipt, as shown below.


Internal Transfer Receipt Return


Receipt Number

Enter the Receipt Number found on the returned internal transfer receipt.


Acknowledge Date

Enter the date when the signed transfer receipt was returned.


Click on "GO" when all of the requirements have been fulfilled. Click on the Done button to return to the previous menu.